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Comment Assignment (Due November 1st) & Examples

Updated: Sep 9

Here are the grading rubric and instructions for our Comment Assignment.

The Comment Assignment is worth 25% of our final grade, and is composed of 1) the comment itself and 2) a supplementary overview [template for this is below].

Your comment paper or research project will:

  1. Give you the opportunity to comment on a proposed rule.

  2. Explain the procedural requirements the agency must follow and where the agency is in that procedure.

  3. Briefly explore the agency's reasons and authority to promulgate the rule.

Comment papers should include: both

1) A copy of your final comment (5 page double-spaced maximum) and

2) A (3 page double-spaced maximum) report that:

  • Identifies the enabling statute (__U.S.C. Section___)

  • Briefly explains of the origins/history of the rulemaking

  • Briefly describes how this proposed rulemaking has and will follow the APA's rulemaking requirements in 5 U.S.C. Section 553.

Here is a template for the report.

Here are some successful examples from prior years. Note: Your comment and report will not be nearly as long as these are.

Tips for your comment assignment:

  • Here is a guide full of tips for effective comment writing

  • Remember to look at the docket on regulations.gov to see what kinds of comments are coming in for this proposed rule

Materials Specific to Our Project:

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