• Prof. Lamdan

Our PI Syllabus

This is a link to our syllabus.

The syllabus is the foundational document for our class - it lays out all of the topics we'll be discussing and is an excellent way to map your studies in the class.

Our syllabus aligns with our Funk casebook, but you'll notice that our class is geared towards environmental justice (and immigration) issues and we do not cover some of the more theoretical aspects of administrative law covered in the book.

Instead, we will focus on practical tools that we can use to impact and interact with the administrative process. However, I will be providing additional resources and posing questions on this blog for those interested in digging deeper into some of the materials we cover in class.

Here is an overview of the topics we'll cover in our course. I created these slides, and this video going over the slides, to provide an outline and overview of the main lessons we'll cover in class (aka the topics relevant to our exams).

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