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Wired Magazine, The Quiet Invasion of 'Big Information', November 9, 2022.

What to Read, New York Times, Newly Published, From Egotistical Artists to Corporate Control, November 2, 2022.

Gopal Ratnam, Halting Backdoor Government Snooping Seen as Key to Data Privacy, CQ Roll Call, July 26, 2022.

Julie Pattison-Gordon, Calls Mount for Blocking Warrantless Mass Data Collection, Government Technology, July 20, 2022

Claire Woodcock, Ebook Services Are Bringing Unhinged Conspiracy Books Into Public Libraries, Vice, April 20, 2022

Josh Moody, Law Students Protest Research Database Contracts With ICE, Inside Higher Ed, December 6, 2021

Chris Mills Rodrigo, Law schools pressured to cut ties with research firms over ICE, CBP, The Hill, October 4, 2021

Suhail Gharaibeh, Law students push for NYU to cut ties with legal databases over ICE links, Washington Square News, October 8, 2021

Sam Melllins, Hochul promised a ‘new era of transparency.’ Here’s what that would really take., City & State New York, September 28, 2021

Michelle Del Rey, It Remains Unclear What Records Cuomo Will Leave Behind, Times Union, August 23, 2021

Kari Paul, Media and Data Firm Thomson Reuters Face Pressure to Ditch ICE Contracts, The Guardian, June 3, 2021

SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), Addressing the Alarming Systems of Surveillance Built by Library Vendors, April 9, 2021

Sam Biddle, LexisNexis to Provide Giant Database of Personal Information to ICE, The Intercept, April 2, 2021

Digital Library Federation's Endangered Data Week Interview With Sarah Lamdan, October 13, 2020

Justin Jung, UCLA School of Law holds contracts with companies selling personal data to ICE, UCLA Daily Bruin, July 17, 2020

David L. Hudson, Jr., How to Avoid 10 Common Ethics Pitfalls, ABA Journal, June 1, 2020

Hannah Beckler, Thomson Reuters Analysts Process Data to Help ICE Make Arrests, Documents Show, Documented NY, May 20, 2020

Slate, The Evil List: Which Tech Companies are Really Doing the Most Harm?, January 15, 2020

Cora Currier, Lawyers and Scholars to LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters: Stop Helping ICE Deport People, The Intercept, November 14, 2019

Brennan Center for Justice, Proposals for Reform Volume II: National Task Force on Rule of Law & Democracy, October 3, 2019

Brian Kahn, Scott Pruitt Has to Justify Lying About Climate Change on National TV, Earther, June 6, 2018


Ledyard King, NASA nominee’s support of ‘secret science’ bill alarms environmentalists, USA Today, October 20, 2017


John Schwartz, Under Fire, Climate Scientists Unite With Lawyers to Fight Back, New York Times, May 15, 2017

Brian Kahn, The EPA’s Obama-era snapshot is missing information, Salon, May 8, 2017

Sean Reilly, GOP looks to skirt hefty price tag for ‘secret science’ bill, E&E News, April 4, 2017

Brian Resnick, The House just passed two bills that would stifle science at the EPA, Vox, March 30, 2017


Lisa Peet, LACUNY Conference Plans Privacy Protections, Library Journal, May 14, 2015

David Perera, Agencies should shield FOIA requestor names, says CUNY academic,, April 3, 2013


Op-eds & Advocacy

The Conquest of ProQuest and Knowledge Unlatched: How recent mergers are bad for research and the public, written with Jennie Rose Halperin, Shea Swauger, and Robert Montoya of IOI's Community Oversight Council

Comment on the National Archives Proposed Rule Concerning Federal Records Management and the Digitization of Permanent Records, written with Patrice McDermott, Director, Government Information Watch and Yael Schacher, Senior U.S. Advocate, Refugees International, February 15, 2021

Amy Coney Barrett And Beyond: The Green Case For Supreme Court Reform, written with the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI), October 2020

Drop Your ICE Contracts Petition, #NoTechForICE, 2019

Letter to the National Archives and Records Administration Regarding Records Appraisal, written with Patrice McDermott, Director, Government Information Watch, December 13, 2019

Breaking Down the Presidential Records Act, AALL Spectrum with Janet Peros, July 2019

Comment Letter on behalf of environmental groups regarding proposed changes to  Interior Department FOIA regulations, January 2019

The EPA Has Backed Off Enforcement Under Trump -- Here are the Numbers, The Conversation, January 3, 2019

A Sheep in the Closet: Erosion of Enforcement at the EPA, Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, November 14, 2018

Disaster in Disaster: The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act Must be Enforced, Center for Progressive Reform, September 24, 2018

Surveillance and Legal Research Providers: What You Need to Know, Medium, July 6, 2018

A Blow to Science at the EPA, Foreign Affairs, April 12, 2017

Public Protections Under Threat At The EPA: Examining Safeguards and Programs That Would Have Been Blocked by H.R. 1430, Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, March 27, 2017


Environmental Data & Governance Initiative Letter to Congress Regarding H.R. 1430, Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, March 27, 2017

Electronic Communication Should Force FOIA Advancement, JURIST, June 9, 2015

Library Patron Privacy in 2014 – Honoring the Legacy of Zoia Horn

LLAGNY Law Lines, October 29, 2014

Are We Passing the Grade? Assessing MD Schools’ Compliance with IPM-in-Schools Law 

Maryland Pesticide Network Report, 2004

Blog posts & reviews

Renke Siems, Rezension zu: Data cartels : the companies that control and monopolize our information (Book Review), o-bib. Das offene Bibliotheksjournal, 2022

Eira Tansey, Environmental Information: Research, Access and Environmental Decisionmaking (Book Review), The American Archivist, 2018


Lisa Gross, How to Make FOIA Work For You, Even if You’re a Freelancer, December 20, 2018

Mari Cheney, Keeping Up with New Titles: Environmental Information (Book Review), Law Library Journal, 2018

Riverside County Law Library, Privacy in the Library: what you need to know,  December 16, 2014


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