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Data Cartels

Stanford University Press (2022)

Environmental Information: Research, Access & Environmental Decisionmaking Environmental Law Institute (2017)

Progressive Legal Research

Wolters Kluwer, Specially Published for CUNY School of Law Community by library faculty (2015)


Revisiting the Privacy Act of 1974 for Big Data Policing

Georgetown Law Technology Review (2022)

Librarianship at the Crossroads of Big Data & Corporate Surveillance

In the Library With a Lead Pipe (2019)


When Westlaw Fuels ICE Surveillance: Ethics in the Big Data Policing Era

New York University Review of Law and Social Change (2019) 

Taking a Page from the FDA’s Prescription Medicine Information Rules: Reimagining Environmental Information for Climate Change

Co-authored with Rebecca Bratspies

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review (2018)


Lessons from DataRescue: The Limitations of Grassroots Climate Change Data Preservation and the Need for Federal Records Law Reform

University of Pennsylvania Law Review Online (2018)

Beyond FOIA: Improving Access to Environmental Information in the United States

Georgetown Environmental Law Review (2017)

Cook v. NARA Versus the Public’s Right to Know

Indiana Law Journal, Supplement (2016)


Librarians as Feisty Advocates for Privacy

Urban Library Journal (2015) 

Social Media Privacy: A Rallying Cry to Librarians

Library Quarterly (2015)

Sunshine for Sale: Environmental Contractors and the Freedom of Information Act

Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (2014) 


Why Library Cards Offer More Privacy Rights Than Proof of Citizenship: Librarian Ethics and Freedom of Information Act Requestor Policies

Government Information Quarterly (2013)

Protecting the FOIA Requestor: Privacy for Information Seekers

Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy (2012)

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Protecting Wilderness under the Public Trust 

Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (2005)


Human Rights and Environmental Information

Co-authored with Professor Rebecca Bratspies

Human Rights and the Environment: Indivisibility, Dignity, and Legality (Encyclopedia of Environmental Law Series, Edward Elgar Press (2018)

The Freedom of Information Act

SAGE Encyclopedia of Surveillance, Security, and Privacy (2018)


The Privacy Act of 1974

SAGE Encyclopedia of Surveillance, Security, and Privacy (2018)


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